Monday, August 25, 2008

Registry Plan For Foreign Travelers

Homeland Security's latest and 'greatest' idea is the requirement that foreign travelers to the U.S. register, on line, at least three days before departure.

This is supposed to start January 12th and it is for travelers only from 'friendly' nations, i.e. those not requiring a visa before coming to the U.S. The idea is to give Homeland Security time to do a background check on these travelers.

What a lousy idea. As if the U.S. doesn't have a bad enough reputation abroad, let's just add a few more items for potential foreign visitors to be annoyed with. Perhaps so annoyed that the foreign visitor decides that traveling to the U.S. isn't worth the hassle?

And imagine not knowing about the required registration and arriving at the airport, only to learn that you can't board your flight.

Like I said. Lousy idea.

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