Sunday, August 3, 2008

Now There Are Suites in First Class

I recently wrote about showers For Emirates First Class Passengers.

Starting soon, if you'll be flying First Class on Emirates, Qantas, and Singapore, your First Class seat will actually be a small suite. Never mind the day of simple seats turning into flat beds. Now there is floor space with room for a meal table and a large, easy to handle remote to go along with the much-larger-than-coach TV screen.

Obviously there is still a market for these type of seats or the airlines wouldn't be falling all over themselves seeing who could come up with the best configuration.

And I suspect, personally, that to make room for these suites, those of us in coach will be losing a few more inches of knee room.

You can read more details about these First Class arrangements at Qantas and Singapore’s Battle of the Suites.

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