Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Little Ways' Tips

Protect small, fragile items by packing them in plastic travel soap dishes. The colorful ones with the hinged lids can be easily labeled and can be used over and over.

More and more people are packing liquids in their checked luggage because of the TSA 3 oz limit carryon rules. Protect your suitcase contents from liquid coming from someone else's carelessly packed bottle by lining your suitcases with large garbage bags.

Use an inexpensive USB flash drive to store your important information while traveling: insurance company and policy number, credit card numbers and bank phone numbers, confirmation codes, important medical information, etc. Look for a drive that will password protect your data or us a free encryption program.

If you are traveling with an infant, finding a suitable place for a bath can be very difficult. Those little sinks in hotel/motel rooms just won't do it. Instead, look for small, inexpensive inflatable baby bathtubs. Just inflate it when you get to your destination and used in the tub or bottom of the shower.

Take care of scuff marks on your shoes by putting a little bit of skin cream on a shoe mitt (sometimes provided by the hotel) or just use a tissue. Voila! Scuff marks gone and shoes nice and shiny.

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