Friday, August 15, 2008

'little ways' tips continued

I've often read about rolling clothes before putting them in a suitcase so you can pack smaller and more efficiently. A new one on me is to put rubberbanks around the rolled clothes to keep them tight and small. I used this idea on a recent trip and it worked great.

On a road trip with the kids, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the seat in front of each child. Use the pockets for games, crayons, snacks, etc. all within easy reach of your child.

Speed up your time through airport security. Bring a large ziploc bag with you and put into it all the things you have to empty from your pockets like coins, cell phone, money clip, pens, etc. Send it through the x-ray machine with your luggage. Then just grab it at the other end, without worrying that you are leaving something behind.

Never have enough clothes hangers when you travel? Save the wire hangers from the dry cleaners and pack them in your checked luggage. When you are ready to return, simply leave them behind. The next occupant of your room will thank you.

Of course every travel kit should include a small sewing kit. But if sewing on lost buttons while you travel isn't your 'thing', here's something you can do to minimize the chore. Barely touch the tip of a tub of a glue like Krazy Glue to the threads on your buttons. The glue will seal the threads and they will be less likely to fray.

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