Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Got a Prius From Hertz

I was in Los Angeles recently and rented a car through Hertz. I had reserved a midsized car and when I got to the counter I was offered a convertible for the same price. Nope...not for us.

Then I got lucky. I was offered a Prius. That I grabbed. I was amazed to find that I was offered a Prius at the same price I would be paying for a regular mid-sized vehicle.

According to an article in USAToday, more and more renters, concerned about gas costs, are renting smaller vehicles for the better gas mileage.

I would have thought the small Prius would have fallen into the same 'small' category but I guess it doesn't. It is still considered a premium for a rental. I loved the car. Handled well. Had good acceleration on the highway. And I got 50 miles per gallon.

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