Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Do I Find Flight Status?

I recently learned that a lot of people do not know how to check out flight status on line.

Two of the main reasons for checking flight status are 1) you are picking someone up at the airport and want to confirm their flight is on time and 2) you are flying somewhere and want to check that your flight is leaving as scheduled.

For either purpose, you will need some basic information. You are able to find flight status with just departure and destination cities. Having the airline and flight number makes it even easier. And for your own personal reservation, having the reservation code makes it the easiest.

One of the nicest sites I just found is, appropriately named, Flight Stats. This is a great site for general flight status information.

If you want to check, specifically, on your own reservation though, you'll need to go directly to your airlines web site. There is usually a tab on the home page with something like My Trip, Check Flights, Flight Information or something similar. Just follow the instructions to get your flight information, usually needing to enter your reservation code and last name. With this information you can check on all of the legs of your itinerary and, if you want, select your seat assignments.

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