Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can You Trust tripadvisor?

My travel agent, Ellen from Sea4Sail, has warned me for years to take what I read at tripadvisor with a grain of salt.

She has always given me excellent travel advice so I kind-of/sort-of followed her advice regarding tripadvisor. I'd read the various reviews and sort of try to weed out the reviews that kind of looked like they might have been written by ringers.

Most of the time it is easy to do. Like when there is one glowing report among others that say negative things about a property. Other times it is not that easy.

I belong to a forum that, among other things, hires posters and writers. I just came across this thread: Trip Advisor Poster Needed. It is a request for posters to write positive property reviews. I shouldn't have been surprised but I admit I was.

Doing some more research and finding Can you trust trip advisor? I think I'll use other resources. The Internet is loaded with them. I know there ARE honest reviews out there. I'll find them.

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