Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cabela's Opens in Rapid City

As my husband would say, "Ah, Cabela's". Obviously one of my husband's favorite stores. So, a couple of years ago, when we saw the sign for a new store on our way home from visiting our grandchildren in PA, we decided to take a little side trip and pay it a visit.

The signs directed us to Hamburg, PA. Little did we know that the day we picked to visit was the store's opening day.

There was this HUGE store, perched on the top of a hill. It was like a volcano in reverse, where instead of lava flowing down the hillside, streams of cars were flowing up towards the peak.

There were police directing traffic. The HUGE parking lot was full. We managed to pull over on a side street and joined the wave of shoppers moving towards the store.

I'd never been in a Cabela's before. It was amazing. As one entered, on the right, was the fishing department, complete with a walk through aquarium area. On the left, as you walked through the hunting section, you entered a room with a display of mounted animals and trophy racks.

Part store, part museum, it truly was a shopping experience. And, yes, we've been back several times since and we always remark about that first opening day experience.

Now I've learned that a new store opened in Rapid City today. I wonder if the shoppers there are having the same type of experience.

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