Monday, August 4, 2008

Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 and RFID

Friday is the opening day for the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008. It is estimated that 3 million people will descend upon Beijing for the duration of the games. Besides the athletes and tourists there is support staff and, of course, all the reporters.

One thing being watched carefully at the Olympics, besides the athletes, will be some new technology. China has invested heavily in radio frequency identification (RFID) for its ticketing and food tracking systems.

The purpose of the mini chips built into the tickets is to help protect against counterfeiting and to speed passage through the entry gates.

The one working with the food tracking system is for food being delivered to the athletes. After negative reports on food safety, China is going all out to make sure there is no problem with the food being delivered to the athletes.

In spite of that, latest report is that the U.S. Olympic team will be bringing its own food.

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