Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are You A Perfect 10?

Millions of eyes will be on China and the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008. There will be lots of television time devoted to the major events. And one of those major events is gymnastics.

Being a perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics used to really mean something.

For those that watched the Montreal Olympics, seeing Nadia Comaneci rack up a string of seven 10s was thrilling and exciting. How many of us made a point of watching the replays over and over. I know I did. It was a fascinating performance.

Looking forward to seeing more 10s at this upcoming Olympics? Sorry but you probably won't see any. A bunch of scoring errors at the Athens Olympics caused the Olympic officials to rethink how gymnastics are scored.

No more 10s. A 17? Maybe.

A perfect 16? Doesn’t have same ring as that 10

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