Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Airlines Add Fees and More Fees

So now US Airways charges $30 for booking a frequent flyer domestic ticket on line. Fees for an international ticket on line and booking on the phone are even higher.

Jet Blue is now charging for a pillow and blanket. The perk? You get to keep them. Big deal. Just what I need. Something else to carry.

Because I fly with only carry ons and have enough to carry. I mainly do this because I want my luggage to arrive at my destination airport the same time I do. Now, with the additional fees being charged for checked baggage, I have even more reason to use only carry ons.

It is getting more and more difficult to know what you will actually be paying for your flight. Just like many ticketing sites display fares without the taxes and fees, many of the new airline fees are popping up after you get to the airport or even on the airplane. I bet a lot of people were surprised to find out they had to pay for a pillow and blanket. I know we were when we recently flew a US Airways red eye from Denver.

USA Today made an attempt to chart the various fees. I'm sure it was current when they created it but be sure to check with your airline before ticketing and/or flying. I could almost guarantee there will be some changes.


Unknown said...

Great information!
For more information I use http://www.CompareAirlineFees.com and their Airline Fee Comparison Tool to compare airlinefees & flight prices to find the 'true' best ticket price.

diane said...

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Always looking good airfare tools.