Monday, July 14, 2008

Olympics Beijing 2008

They’ll be starting soon. Anyone who is planning on going to China as an event spectator is probably getting ready to leave soon. It must be exciting traveling to a foreign country to watch an Olympic event, with teams coming from all around the world.

I know China has been getting ready for years. There has been a lot of building going on and I keep reading about an increase in their security personnel. China is already a very crowded country and with this huge influx of tourists, athletes and team personnel, it’s going to get even more crowded.

Of course the athletes have also been working for years to get to this stage. I wonder how they stay so calm before and during an event. Is it something they just get used to? Or are there things they can do, beforehand, to help prepare themselves for an event.

I know there are a lot of things they can’t do. There’s probably a pretty long list for that. And I’m sure a good portion of that list is drug related. But what about something like AbsoluteCalm? The purpose of the product is to calm the body and relax nerves before/during activities to make an individual feel refreshed and focused. It's all natural. Wonder if it's something Olympic athletic trainers should look into?

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