Saturday, July 19, 2008

Northwest Raising Fees

Besides slashing about 2500 jobs, Northwest Airlines will also be charging fees for passengers' first checked bags and for frequent flyer tickets.

The $15 fee for a passenger's first checked bag goes into affect with tickets purchased starting July 10th for travel after August 28th. You are exempt from this fee if you are a member of their frequent flyer program or traveling on a full fare ticket.

Fees for changing flight plans have also gone up. For changes to change flight arrangements on a nonrefundable ticket, you'll now pay $150 instead of the previous $100.

And if you want a frequent flyer ticket, it will now cost $25 for domestic travel, $50 for trans-Atlantic and $100 for trans-Pacific. Northwest Airlines is hoping that the fees on frequent flyer travel will be ‘temporary”.

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