Saturday, July 12, 2008

Evelyn Keyes

Evelyn Keyes, who played SueEllen O'Hara in the movie Gone With The Wind, died on July 4th at the age of 91.

Why am I writing about this in my travel blog?

As part of our travels, we have visited many Civil War battle sites.

My husband is a 'student' of the Civil War battle at Gettysburg. He reads everything he can about it, has visited the battlefield many times, and has even taken classes there.

When we have visited the site together, he does his very best to enlighten me to the significance of the battle and to what occurred there. I listen and do MY best trying to picture the events unfolding.

But instead, what comes into my mind’s eye is the image from Gone With the Wind when Scarlett is fleeing the city of Atlanta. That scene, showing the hundreds (thousands?) of wounded and dying soldiers, is to me Hollywood’s best display of the horrors of war. It is haunting.

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