Friday, July 11, 2008

Bertha reminded me of a Bermuda story

I was in Bermuda many years ago. I was on a cruise ship out of New York City. We had two stops in Bermuda with overnights in port. We really enjoyed our stay, visiting as much of the island as possible, using their great public transportation system.

Unfortunately, one of the cruise guests, while ashore, stumbled on a staircase and banged her head. Typical of head wounds it bled profusely. On top of that, it looked like she might have broken her arm. One of our travel companies is an EMT and he provided first aide until police and other emergency personnel arrived.

At that point a discussion took place as to where to treat her. Should she see the doctor on the ship or go to a Bermuda hospital? Her first instinct was to use the ship doctor.

At that point, one of the police officers pulled himself to his full height and said "Madam, we are NOT a third world country". Properly rebuked, she went to a local hospital and returned to the ship after excellent treatment for the scalp wound and (yes) a broken arm.

Now I just hope that Bermuda is able to weather Bertha with no major problems.

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