Monday, July 28, 2008

American Airlines No Longer With Kayak

In case you are not familiar with, it is a travel aggregator. And it's a great site. You enter your travel cities and travel dates and Kayak scours the internet, checking airline sites and online travel agency sites (like Orbitz) for the best fare.

Kayak then displays the fares, in increasing order, with flight details available at a click. But Kayak doesn't sell tickets. Instead it directs the user to the source for the best fare, whether it is the airline itself, or one of the online TA sites.

Well, it seems American Airlines is not happy that Kayak displays fares from not only the airline, but also from competing sites. American asked Kayak not to do that with AA fares and Kayak said 'No'. And AA said 'Bye'.

You can read more at The Cranky Flier.

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