Friday, June 27, 2008

Still more 'little ways' tips

Looking for a quick, nutritious snack when traveling? Pack a jar of peanut butter. A plastic jar is easy to pack, doesn’t need to be refrigerated, provides a great source of protein, and makes a quick and cheap meal when you pair it up with some local bread. Just remember to pack a plastic knife for spreading it.

Travel with a twist tie in your pocket. Among other uses, a twist tie can be used to replace a lost screw in a pair of glasses. Strip the twist tie down to the bare wire, insert in place of the screw and twist tight.

Pack a glue stick in your bag. If you journal, and like to keep things like ticket stubs for mementos, glue them right into your journal as you travel. Beats bringing home an envelope full of stubs to sort through later. I’ve also used a glue stick to leave notes on a mirror. And also using the mirror, I’ve organized our tour (or other) tickets in the order we’ll need them.

If you make, and then cancel, hotel reservations on line, be sure to print out and keep a copy of your cancellation confirmation. If you find a charge on your credit card as a ‘no show’ you’ll have the documentation that you need to prove you cancelled well in advance.

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Unknown said...

Hey thanks for those tips... The first thing that come to my mind when I talk about travel is the digital camera, the huge photos, my painting kit and my pet dog Sonu... I think without this my travel would be incomplete...