Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some travel hints for Italy

In my 'travel' reading I turned up a couple of tips for travel in Italy that I felt were worth passing on.

If you are traveling to Pompeii, be sure pick up the free guidebook and map from the window near the restrooms after you buy your ticket. There is minimal signage in the city and the book and map are a big help. And they're free. Be prepared for the weather, whether sun or rain. There are virtually no shelters once you are admitted. And wear proper shoes as the paths are uneven stone surfaces.

In major train stations, when looking for ticket sales offices (biglieterries), look for the signs that point travelers in the right direction for restrooms, exits, platforms, etc for directions to the Trenitalia office. There might be only one Trenitalia ticket office in the station but loads of travel agencies displaying the Trenitalia logo. At a travel agency you'll like pay a sales commission for your ticket so be careful where you are purchasing it.

Venice may not be a good city to visit if you have trouble climbing stairs or walking. Most of the smaller bridges require climbing 14-20 steps. Plus, to cross to the other side of a canal might require backtracking to a bridge and, therefore, lots of extra walking. If you do go, be sure to use a good travel mapwith lots of detail, the better to help you with finding the shortest distance and minimizing the amount of walking you have to do.

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