Monday, June 30, 2008

Review: eXplorApark

Gas prices keeping you closer to home? You and a lot of other people.

Which is why when I saw this site I had to take another look. It describes itself as a National Park Visitors Guide: Where to Stay, What to Do and See, Make Your Plans to Explore A National Park.

Having visited several national parks last year, I felt I had a frame of reference for reviewing this site. So I naturally started by clicking on the links to parks I've visited.

The site presents a great overview to our U.S. national parks. Most of the park pages have the same general format which makes the site very easy to navigate. (I found the one from Olympic National Park a bit different.)

On the sidebar you can find information about the history of the park, things to do, accommodations and much more. I particularly enjoyed reading the links about wildlife and geology of the parks.

If you'll be visiting a national park, eXplorApark would be a great site to use to start making your plans.

Link: eXplorApark

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