Sunday, June 22, 2008

More 'little ways' tips

Here's another one on being nice to the cleaning staff. Some hotels don't allow a late checkout. If you would like to stay in your room a bit longer, look for your housekeeper. Ask her if she can clean your room last. Give her a nice tip and enjoy your room for a few more hours.

Looking for a better hotel price? Call the hotel directly and ask for the very best price. Still not happy? As them if they can do any better. Tell them what you are looking to pay (Gee...I was looking for something under $100.). If they have a lot of unbooked rooms for the night(s) of your stay, you just might get the rate you want.

If you'd like to visit multiple cities with one frequent flyer ticket you just might be able to do it, particularly if one of those cities is your airline's hub where you'd have to change planes anyway. Call your airline. You might be able to spend a few days in the hub city, then continue on to your other destination, and do it all on one frequent flyer ticket.

Don't assume that package deals offer the biggest bang for the buck. Get on the e-mail list for the hotel, airlines, car rental, etc that you want to use so you get alerted to specials. Add up all the components before booking the package. You might be surprised to find out that each part booked separately actually saves you money.

If you need a dark room to sleep in you probably get pretty annoyed at window drapes that don't close completely. Throw some clip clothespins in your suitcase to take care of the problem. Or grab a skirt hanger out of the closet. The clips on a skirt hanger will work well also.

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