Monday, June 9, 2008

I found a great travel resource

The site is called World Sites Atlas: Using Geography To Explore The World - And The Web!

Yes, it has your typical Hotel and Travel tab. But what makes this site worth adding to your Favorites is the Maps tab and Destination Guides tab.

The Map tab gives you access to maps of 'Continents and Regions', 'Countries and Territories', 'U.S. States and Canadian Provinces' and 'U.S. Cities'. I checked out a few for areas I am familiar with and they loaded quickly and were clear and easy to read.

I did the same with the Destination Guides tab. Choose a country and get an introduction to the country which is typically several paragraphs long. Then, along the left side, are links to info such as Where To Go, Health Advice, Costs and Money, Festivals and Public Holidays and a lot more.

This is definitely an information loaded site I'm going to visit when it's time to plan my next trip.

Link: World Sites Atlas

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