Saturday, June 14, 2008

Heading off with a traveling Newbie

The Newbie in this case is my 8 year old granddaughter. Grandpa is staying home while grandma and granddaughter are taking off for a week in Florida. We are going to visit my Dad, her great grandfather.

My granddaughter has been in Florida before but that trip was by train. This will be her first time on an airplane. I’m sitting at my local airport right now, getting ready to fly to her city. I’ll be spending the night there and then, tomorrow we’ll be flying to Florida.

I sent her a packing list. I’ve probably had a dozen phone calls confirming what she can and can’t bring. I’ve been very specific about what I want her to wear on the plane. For instance, I want her in sneakers and socks so when she goes through security she isn’t barefoot.

She loves spaghetti strap tops in the summer but I told her she couldn’t bring any on this trip. Living in the northeast her skin is not ready for the June Florida sun. So I get a phone call asking if sleeveless tops are OK, where the ‘strap is 3 or 4 inches’? And it’s been like that, with the call volume picking up significantly this week. Of course I don’t mind.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to explain all that goes on with security without scaring her. I’m sure she is already quite nervous, which is understandable. I reserved the aisle and window seat on the plane, hoping there will be no one in the middle. So I need to explain that to her also. This is definitely a new experience for both of us.

Just an FYI to my readers on how crazy airfare are (as if they didn’t already know). Roundtrip air for tomorrow, from her home city to Florida, was $223. Roundtrip air from my airport to hers, a distance of about 350 miles and a puddle jumper flight of about an hour, was $485!!! Fortunately I had enough frequent flyer miles and was able to get my ticket that way.

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