Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Continuing with 'little ways' tips

Want to taxi to major tourist sites in a country where you don't speak the language? Buy picture postcards of the sites you want to visit. Show the postcard to your taxi driver and you are on your way. Oh....and don't forget to pick up a business card or brochure from your hotel so you can do the same when it's time to head back.

At restaurants in Europe, be sure to check the menu prices carefully. In Lisbon, it was more expensive to eat at a table outside than it was to eat inside the restaurant. In Italy, it is sometimes cheaper to have your coffee and sweet role standing by a tall table than sitting down.

On the road with the kids? Tired of hearing 'Are we there yet'? Get a map for each child and highlight the route. That way they can follow the trip using road signs and they will know where they are and how much further they need to go.

Do you use single use cameras? Label them. That way your cameras won't get mixed up with anyone elses single use camera.

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