Friday, June 13, 2008

Brown and Black Bears, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

On our visit to Yellowstone National Park, we were very fortunate to see both black bears and a brown bear. And not only did we see both kinds, but we saw them all on the same day.

Of course one is supposed to maintain their distance from the bears. By the time we got to the black bears, there was already a ranger in control of the traffic, moving everyone along.

But when we spotted the brown bear we were one of the first of many cars to pull over. The bear was moving around a wide gully, which was about 15 feet below road level, and it was several hundred feet from the road.

Finally, a ranger shows up and starts moving the traffic along. One car, in the middle of the road, tells the ranger he can't go yet as he's waiting for his friend. The ranger asks where his friend is. The driver responds "Down there". The friend was down into the gully to get his pictures of the bear!! You should have seen the look on the ranger's face, like "UGH! These DUMB tourists!"

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