Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Review: 1000 Places To See Before You Die in the USA and Canada

I have the worldwide edition of this book so was intrigued when I saw the USA/Canada edition. I definitely needed to buy it and check it out.

Like the international book, this book, too, has a little bit of everything. The 'must sees' are not going to appeal to everyone. That is made clear in the introduction in both books. After all, not all of us want to know the best places to ski or to sail or to fish.

But if you know what you like, and narrow down to those particular reviews and recommendations, the book is very helpful.

I read it both before and after our northwest U.S. trip. It helped me make decisions on what to see and do and we were not disappointed with the advice.

Whether you'll just be visiting your own little corner of the U.S., or taking a longer trip cross country, I believe you'll find buying this book a worthwhile investment.

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Syn said...

I want to see the mountains of Montana, the deserts of the southwest, and then settle in my Smoky Mountains.