Sunday, May 11, 2008

Will Rising Fuel Prices Make Road Trips a Thing of the Past?

We have an ‘occasion’ to attend in Los Angeles next April. We thought we should be able to include that in our road trip of the southwest.

I dug out my scenic byways guides. I stopped by AAA and got a map of the U.S. so I could highlight the routes and then work them together.

I sent away for information from the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. (Yes, I love the internet but I also like having paperwork I can spread out before me.)

But now I’m looking at the rising price of gasoline. No one knows where it will be next spring but everyone says it will be higher.

We took my husband’s car on the last trip. My car will probably need to be replaced next year. What do we buy in anticipation of the high fuel prices? Do we consider buying a hybrid car?

Or, should we do something like turn our current cars into hybrid cars? That idea is a very popular one circulating on the internet right now.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Water4Gas . I did some research into this. Is Water4Gas a scam? Well, if you pay someone for something, and don’t get what you were told you would get then, yes, that is a scam.

Here is what Water4Gas promises:
IMPORTANT: We are going to reveal to you fuel saving techniques unknown to the average mechanic

Based upon my research, Water4Gas is not a scam because it gives you exactly what they say they will: fuel saving techniques unknown to the average mechanic.

The book contains ideas and suggestions on ways to improve your gas mileage that anyone is supposed to be able to implement and benefit from.

And if you want to install the Water4Gas conversion into your car, they provide pictures and part numbers, including where to buy the needed items, to build your own hybrid system and include the instructions on how to install it.

On top of all this, if the information they provide doesn't work for you, you can get back the money paid for the book. All this seems to make Water4Gas worth checking out.

(This is NOT a sponsored post.)

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Anonymous said...

No doubt everyone will be a bit more cautious now with the rising gas prices when planning their road trips.

I have heard of the water 4 gas switchover that you blogged about, though I don't know anyone personally who has done it. I'd be curious to know how it has worked for them!