Sunday, May 18, 2008

Want to increase your chance of getting bumped?

Fly Delta.

The year 2007 had the dubious distinction of setting an 11 year high for the most number of passengers that were denied boarding by the 18 largest U.S. airlines. The number of 63,878 passengers worked out to an average of 1.12 passengers per 10,000.

Airlines have long oversold flights to help them compensate for passengers who don’t show up. When too many do show up, the airlines might ask for a volunteer, with typical compensation being a voucher for a free flight within the continental U.S., good for one year. When there aren’t enough volunteers, someone gets bumped.

Delta bumped the most last year, with an average of 2.47 bumped passengers per 10,000. Also having high bumping rates were Continental and Southwest. Jet Blue had the lowest with only 43 forced bumps for the entire year.

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