Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ECommerce might just be the way to start

My regular readers might remember my mentioning heading to Charleston SC to help my daughter move. She is now settled into Fairport, NY and her goal is to open a retail shop. Not an easy thing to do in this type of economy. She wants to focus on a niche market that, I have to admit, does have potential. So she’s working on her business plan, talking to local small business advocates, etc.

As part of the advice she has been getting is to perhaps start small and build an online store and to check out ecommerce software. But it’s not easy finding good shopping cart software either. I know as I’ve been looking for something appropriate as I surf the ‘net.

Then someone directed me to Ashop Commerce. I was very impressed by how clearly organized their site is. They offer several packages based upon how many products you want to sell. They are set up to accept all types of payments including major credit cards and PayPal. But what REALLY impressed me was they have a 10 day FREE trial offer and it really IS free…you do NOT have to provide credit card information up front.

I definitely have to pass this information along to my daughter so she can check it out for herself.

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