Friday, May 30, 2008

Did your flight get cancelled?

You get an email or phone call from your airline. Please contact the airline as you need to be rebooked.

Uh..oh. Flight has been cancelled. You get online to check and, sure enough, the flight you were on is no longer there.

So you need to call the airline, and wait to get a live person, only to be presented with what are probably lousy options for times and connections.

So what do you do?

BEFORE you contact the airline, you check online for other (as in different airlines) options for your itinerary. Find something that works well and is comparative in price? Or even lower? (Would you believe some fares for summer travel have gone down!) Great. Start your reservation on line. Just don't ticket it yet.

NOW call the airline and when presented with options that really don't make you happy, ask for a refund! If they say 'yes', ticket that reservation you just started.

Who could end up with better flight times AND a lower fare.

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