Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Map Tool for Road Trip Planning

I think one of the absolutely best tools on the internet for helping with a road trip is the AAA Trip Tik site. If you'll be taking a road trip of any distance, this is a tool worth learning. When you are done, there are several options for printing it out, from map only, to full trip tik. We did a 7 week cross country car trip last year and this tool was invaluable for helping with calculating mileage on the scenic highways that we took.

You do not need to be a member of AAA to use this tool. (However, you do need to be a member to save your work. If you are not a member, you’ll need to complete the trip tik before you close out the window or the work will be lost.)

To access the site, go to, click on Travel, then Maps and Directions. Then click on TripTik travel planner.

I admit this site has a bit of a learning curve. But that is because it is so powerful.

You can put a start and ending destination in and click Get Maps and Directions. The tool will give you the quickest routing.

But suppose you don't want the quickest? Or you've got intermediate stops you want to make? Not a problem. You can easily add new destinations. You can change your route and re-order your stops with a simple drag of your mouse.

Don't want to travel the interstate? 'Grab' the route (the blue line) and drag it to the road you want to use. Don't like the itinerary? ‘Grab’ a destination, move it up or down, and drop it in a new position.

Drilling down on the map you are creating (using the tool in the upper right), allows the display of icons such as hotels, gas stations, etc. There is a whole list to choose from. A click of your mouse will open new windows with further details on places to stay and attractions.

Once you route your first trip using the AAA Trip Tik site, you’ll find it hard to do it any other way.


wintkat said...

Hi, I was happy to find your post via Carnival of Travel Guide #21.

I belong to AAA, created profile and password and started to save places and directions for an upcoming trip.

When I revisit AAA I can access my saved directions but not "places" I have added to "myplaces"

it seems as if I can only revisit my places if they have been added/included to the set of directions.

I was hoping to set up a list of places and just visit map to see where they are located before heading out for the day, and get directions at that time if necessary.

Have you been able to individually access places you have saved?

thanks for any help

diane said...

You are using something that I haven't tried. I've only done a full routing. So, sorry, I'm not able to help you.