Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Airlines and Luggage - DUMB!!

What the crap???!!!

$15 to check a piece of luggage????!!!

What the heck is going through the heads of American Airline excecutives????!!!

Are they absolutely NUTS???

So you want to bring a bottle of shampoo with you when you fly? It will cost you $15.

Want to have your pocket knife at your destination? It will cost you $15.

Want your flight to leave on time? Forget it as passengers scramble for carry on space. Of which there really isn't enough to begin with.

I can understand the new policy of most of the airlines to charge for a second checked bag. I travel a lot and 85% of the time, I use only a carry on. Yes, we did our trip to Antarctica and our trip to the Galapagos with just a rolling carry on for each of us which went into the overhead bin and a backpack for under the seat in front of us.

But to pay for one checked bag??!!! With the current security restrictions in place, that is absolutely nuts.

I'm hoping the other airlines don't follow American Airline's stunning example. If AA's competition maintains a policy of the first bag free, I can tell you which airline I definitely won't be flying!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to purchase your tickets prior to June 15th and you can avoid this charge, this year at least.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, it's not like their fares are cheap like Ryanair...

Hate to say it, but if one does it, so will others. :( What's going to happen, will people still fly?


diane said...

I'd like to think they won't all do it. IMHO it's a lousy idea what with the TSA regs in place. People will still fly but they'll try to take all their luggage on board with them. And it won't be pleasant.

dreamwalker said...

I don't understand the rationale behind this - aside from making more money, that is. Doesn't the law have anything to say about this?