Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Airfare - YIKES!

We've been invited to a wedding in the Los Angeles, CA area. Not wanting to make the long trip just for the wedding, we decided to do three legs. Home to LAX. Then LAX to DEN. Then DEN to home.

I've been to Rocky Mountain National Park but my husband hasn't. I think he'd love it, particularly if he took his fly fishing equipment along.

I was hoping to use frequent flyer miles for at least one of the tickets. But I can't with the three legs. However, I might be able to use miles for two of the legs, the home to LAX and DEN to home.

Checking air for all three legs puts ticket prices in the $600+ per person range. YIKE!!! But what I discovered out of all this is that it pays to investigate buying two separate tickets, including a one way ticket, compared to the cost of all three legs together.

So I checked on LAX to DEN and, after watching fares for a while, picked up a good fare on SWA for that leg. Right now, if I bought the remaining air, our total cost would be around $450 pp. A lot less than $600+.

Still hoping to be able to use frequent flier miles for one ticket. I need to call the airlines again. Unless I see a super fare pop up. We'll see what happens. I've got time.

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Anonymous said...

It's weird the way different combinations will get you a better rate on your airfare. We've had the same situtation. Also, if you can afford to fly into a nearby city, we can usually find some sort of flight that will be much cheaper...it opens up your options greatly.
Excellent post!