Friday, April 18, 2008

We cruised with a TBA cabin.

TBA stands for To Be Assigned. Another term for this in the cruise industry is ‘guaranteed rate’. What it means is that, no matter what, we would get a cabin in the category we purchased. If we get lucky, we could get an upgrade.

We have never sailed with a TBA cabin before. Our travel agent at Sea 4 Sail calls us a ‘tween’ customer. We like to be on a deck that has cabins below us and cabins above us. In addition, we like to be in a corridor ‘tween’ the elevators and staircases. But for this particular cruise we decided to chance it.

Never again! Our purchase had been for an outside cabin on ‘A’ deck, ‘tween’ ‘B’ deck below us and ‘Main’ deck above us. When our cabin assignment came in we were on Main deck. Were we upgraded? Technically, yes.

BUT, our cabin was now under the promenade deck. Did we hear the early morning walkers? You bet! Our cabin also looked straight across the open area by the staircase and elevators. Did we hear other passengers as they gathered to say Goodnight. You bet! (If you'd like to see our cabin location, right click on the deck plan. We were in 551. I guess we should be grateful we weren't opposite the laundry.)

The advice given to people who purchase TBA or guaranteed rate cabins is to be sure to buy a category of cabin that, if you don’t get upgraded, you would be happy in. In our case, not only would we have been satisfied with our category if we didn't get upgraded, we would have been happier.

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