Sunday, May 4, 2008

Preventing Athletes Foot While Traveling

I am extremely sensitive to athletes foot fungus. I always wear sneakers and socks when I fly because I refuse to go barefoot through security. If there is one spore on a hotel carpet or pool floor, my foot will find it. And then I'm miserable. When the TSA rules went into affect that all liquids had to be in bottles of 3 oz or less, the FIRST thing I checked was my anti-fungal med. Phew! I was OK.

So what do I do to prevent getting athletes foot fungus in the first place? I have 3 rules.
1) Never go barefoot.
2) Never go barefoot.
3) Never go barefoot.

My flip flops come with me everywhere. So not going barefoot in the hotel room is easy. And I wear my flip flops right up to poolside where I can sit down, slip my feet out and then over the edge into the pool.

The first flip flops I traveled with were those rubber-wear-at-the-beach ones. I tried wearing them in the shower. This turned out to be NOT a good option. They would get suctioned to the bottom of the tub and my feet would slip out.

Shower shoes that hug your feet are the way to go. Wear them in the shower. Wear them to the pool or the spa. Just remember to never go barefoot.

(More information on athlete's foot HERE.)

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