Monday, April 14, 2008

Magellanic Penguins, Patagonia, Chile

(This post is a bit of an experiment for me. It's the first one I've added video. I am concerned about the quality of the video and whether or not it significantly affects the loading time of my blog. Any and all feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Just click on Comment below.)

The last penguins we saw on our Antarctica trip were the Magellanic penguins. The environment these penguins live in is very different from the others we saw. Magellanic penguins live on a sandy beach, digging into the sand to create their burrows.

The penguins always had the right of way. In this colony, boardwalks had been build for the observers but every now and then a penguin (or two) decided that's the way they wanted to go. In that case, all of us had to just stop and wait. No matter how long it took, we could not continue along the boardwalk until the penguins were off of it.

There were other places in the colony that were obvious paths the penguins used to reach the sea. In those instances, the boardwalk was built OVER the path, allowing free access to both penguins and observer.

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