Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Galapagos: We got VERY close to the wildlife

I know, previously, I've had photos of various wildlife that we saw during our visit to the Galapagos. Some photographers out there might we wondering what size lens my husband uses.

For wildlife photography he uses a 100mm-300mm lens which, with his camera's multiplier, ends up being 480mm. As professionals know, this is not a particularly powerful lens for shooting wildlife. Then why do the animal pictures look so great? Because we were so close to them that sometimes he had to back away, even at 100 mm.

Technically, we needed to remain 15 feet away from the sea lions. But as 'they' say, nobody told the sea lions. Thought you might like to see how close they really DID come. They either went about their business or came up close because they were curious about us.

The behavoir you see towards the end of the video is typical of what we saw: A female touches noses with a pup, checking to make sure it is hers. She then roles over, exposing her nipples, so the pup can nurse.

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