Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Floor is Moving!!

Normally, when we return from a cruise, during the first night or two in my own bed, I 'feel' the bed rocking. It's a weird experience since I KNOW the bed is stationary.

In a previous post I mentioned how we had some rough seas during our Galapagos trip. That lead to an even more interesting experience.

During our first night on land after the cruise, I needed to make my way to the bathroom. I COULD HAVE SWORN THE FLOOR WAS MOVING. I, literally, had to hold onto furniture, walls and then the bathroom sink because I was SURE, otherwise, I would have fallen.


Nature's Nook said...

In the world of marine people, we call that Dock Rock. Some people who spend weeks at sea, the minute they step on solid land practically loose their cookies!

diane said...

Very interesting to learn there is a name for what happened to me. Thank you.