Friday, April 11, 2008

Beware of luggage weight allowances

Luggage weight allowances can be a real problem for some people. Checked luggage is limited, domestically in the United States, to 50 pounds. Passengers pay extra, depending upon the weight, for anything over 50 pounds. And if you tend to end up with a heavy suitcase, splitting your travel items up into two bags won't help either. Many airlines in the US now charge $25 for every checked bag over that first one.

So if you travel a lot, it's worth investing in something like Escali digital scales. Be prepared and know BEFORE you get to the airport how much your suitcase weighs and lighten it at home if you have too. If you tend to travel a lot, the reasonable pricing on these scales will be made up quickly by being able to avoid overweight fees at the airport.

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