Saturday, March 8, 2008

Plan A Road Trip

It was my job to plan a road trip. I thought I had a lot of tedious work ahead of me. Boy, was I wrong!!

I was reading posts about a planned trip to Disney and sensed the excitement. And then I realized, YES, planning DOES add to the excitement.

Our plan was for a 6-week cross country road trip, May/June, with no motel reservations. We had several goals: stay off the interstates as much as possible, fish for trout at some of the premier streams out west, see as much beautiful countryside as we could squeeze in.

I started by getting a map of the entire US. Using two books describing the ‘best’ scenic drives in the US, I highlighted the routes on my US map. I found it fascinating, looking at all the wonderful places our country has to offer.

As I ‘traveled’ along my US road map, using the internet, books and old articles I had saved, I had fun ‘poking’ into small towns, unusual museums, stately bed and breakfasts. It soon became almost a game, trying to find the hidden gems. What else was out there that I hadn’t found? What special places and things would be discovered as we traveled? How exciting the planning became!

Another important part of the planning was figuring out daily mileage. It’s relatively easy to figure mileage using an interstate. But for a road trip like this, I needed help figuring mileage on the small, two lanes, twisted roads we anticipated traveling. For help with this I turned to the AAA website and its Triptik® section (you don’t have to be a member to use this tool but you can’t save your routing if you are not). It calculates point to point mileage based upon destinations you enter and/or routes you designate. This tool was extremely valuable to me, also alerting me to mountain passes that still might be closed that early in the year.

Finally, we were off. Did we keep to our planned agenda? Basically, yes. But did we really want to skip Craters of the Moon National Monument? NO! Did we pass streams that my husband just HAD to stop and fish? Yes! Did we pass outlet malls I had to shop at? YES! Getting home 4 days later than planned, having driven just over 10,000 miles, it was a FANTASTIC trip.

The time spent planning this road trip was well worth it and definitely added to the excitement.


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Unbalanced Libra said...

~having driven just over 10,000 miles~

And I am dreading the 18-24 drive to Florida! LOL