Thursday, March 6, 2008

It is HOT in the Peru Amazon Basin! - Our short stay at the Refugio Amazonas

As part of a September, 2007 trip to Peru, we spent two nights in the Peru Amazon Basin at the Refugio Amazonas on the Rio Tambopata.

Our flight from Lima took us to Puerto Maldonaldo where, after a 45-minute dusty and bumpy bus ride, we boarded a motorized canoe.

The boat ride, with stops to view the wildlife, took about 4 hours. When the boat was moving, the air temperature was delightful. But as soon as the boat stopped, so that we could view wildlife, it got HOT. There was absolutely no breeze. Humidity was as close to 100% as it could be without actually raining. We’ve experience heat before but nothing compared to this.

We arrived at the Refugio Amazonas lodge after dark and dinner was waiting for us. No rest for the hot, tired and weary. With electricity only in the main building, and used sparingly, we were guided to our room by a lantern lit walkway, where we splashed some water onto our faces. We then returned to the main building and dining room for our buffet dinner.

After dinner our agenda was to peel off our sweat-soaked clothing and jump into the shower. The description for our lodge had included the following caveat: no hot water. Oh no! But now, after this long, hot ride, the thought of a cool shower was YES!

Our room was rustic but lovely. No screens and open to the jungle but each bed had netting. The hammock looked very inviting and I knew I’d be checking it out during our visit. But, for now, it was time to jump into the shower. I peeled and headed to the bathroom, a candle in my hand lighting the way.

A small shriek from me and a ‘Honey, get your camera!’ brought my husband running. In my shower was a palm-sized tree toad. Of course I knew my husband would want a picture before I shooed it away.

The shower was wonderful and then time to crawl under the netting for the night. Dressed in an absolute minimal amount of clothing, and not needing the bedclothes, it was a long, hot night.


Anonymous said...

Very detailed information. Thank you and all the best

Anonymous said...

Great review.

For me the choice is 2 vs 5 days.

Did you feel like you needed more time in the Amazon? Or was two days enough?

diane said...

I would have loved 5 days to enjoy the lovely lodge. Too much, in my opinion, was jammed into two hot nights and one very hot day.

Skeith said...

nice info