Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Glacier National Park, Montana

The best advice I can give about going to Glacier National Park is don’t go too early in the season!!!!!

That’s the absolute best advice I can give about visiting this park. THE highlight of Glacier National Park is the Going to the Sun Road, 50 miles of two lane, twisty, glorious scenic roadway. Not only was this road NOT open when we were there in late May, but there had been winter damage that took out 100 feet of road. Anticipated opening date, because of the repairs, wasn’t going to be until after July 1.

So THE reason, for me, for visiting this park wasn’t going to happen. And boy, was I disappointed!

Well, time to roll with the punches. (It may seem harsh to say this but if you can’t adapt to the unexpected, don’t travel.) We now had more time for hiking and fishing. And since we were there so early in the season, the park was not crowded. At times we were the only ones on a trail, allowing us to see lots of deer.

Or be the only ones fishing a piece of lake.

Glacier National Park, being no different from other national parks we visited, had a glorious old lodge. With the very changeable weather, it was a great place to visit, get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and sit and enjoy the view.

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