Saturday, March 15, 2008

Create an Abandon Ship Bag

We have taken many cruises and up until recently hadn’t thought about creating an Abandon Ship Bag. But a trip to Antarctica changed that thinking. A few months before we left, the MS Explorer, The Little Red Boat, sank in Antarctic waters.

Did this cause us to rethink our trip? Yes, for about 10 seconds. My husband and I talked about this and discussed what we could do to be prepared if something like this happened to our ship.

Our decision was to create an Abandon Ship Bag. When we got on board, we emptied one of our backpacks. We then put into it a plastic bag and then into that:

credit cards
copy of passports (the ship held the originals)
emergency blankets - purchased in a camping store for $4.00 each
our picture backup device: Digital Foci Photo Safe
change of underwear
extra pair of socks

Our Abandon Ship Bag, left open so we could quickly throw in hat, scarf, gloves, and cameras, was kept at the foot of the bed, easy to grab if necessary, on the way out.

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