Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road trip plans go awry

Did you know there is oil in Wyoming and Utah? We certainly didn’t.

Our road trip across the US, in the spring of 2007, took us through Wyoming on Rt 80 and then south, through Vernal, Utah. As part of our plan, we had no plans and, therefore, no reservations for accommodations.

A stop at the Cheyenne, Wyoming visitors’ center enlightened us to the fact that there were no motel rooms to be had between Rawlins and Rock Springs. Halliburton had opened a refinery in southwest Wyoming and the area was booked solid with oil workers. We didn’t anticipate that to be a problem as our next overnight stop was Vernal, Utah.

What we didn’t know, until we pulled into Vernal, was that oil workers had filled up that town, too. They were working in oil fields south of Vernal. Speaking with one of the motel owners, we learned there were no free motel rooms for, literally, miles around. We thought we just might have to break out the tent we had brought, for just such an emergency, and head over to the KOA campground.

Fortunately, with the help of the motel owner, we did find a room at a local B & B, The Jensen Inn. But this little adventure certainly changed the way we handled the rest of our trip. Now, if we had an idea where we wanted to spend the night, we called ahead for a reservation. And if there was no availability, we adjusted our agenda accordingly.

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