Friday, February 15, 2008

30 degrees C is hot - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is sometimes called ‘the Paris of South America’. After our recent visit there I can see why. There are wide avenues and French influenced architecture. Shoppers can find stores selling the latest fashions. And there is no lack of upscale restaurants.

However, to equate Buenos Aires to Paris does Buenos Aires a disservice. The Argentine peso is a bargain against the US dollar, unlike the Euro, which makes shopping and dining out a bargain.

We had a week to spend in Buenos Aires and arranged a city tour for the day after our arrival. I highly recommend this as Buenos Aires is made up of many districts and the tour helped by giving us an overview.

Our visit was in January and in January it is HOT! Afternoon siestas were not an option as it was too hot and tiring to walk the city streets. On Sunday, we visited the San Telmo district where they have a weekly antique fair. By noon it was so hot, we spent a good part of our time at a sidewalk café, nursing cold beverages and people watching. Actually, not a bad thing to do.

However, as part of our city tour, I had learned there is a large craft fair, every weekend, in the Recoleta district. I would have loved to check it out. But by the time we finished in San Telmo, we were too wiped out from the heat to do anything other than return to our hotel for siesta.

And so the week went. And at the end of our visit to this wonderful city, I wished I had more time. I guess we’ll just have to go back again. And next time plan for November or March when it should be cooler.

(Stay tuned for additional Posts, as I write more details about our visit.)