Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whale Watching, Newport, Oregon

On a trip along the Oregon coast, one of the items near the top of our to-do list was whale watching. After a lot of research, we picked Marine Discovery Tours because they are the official tour company of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, also located in Newport.

Our whale watching trip was off to a great start when, just as we are leaving the harbor, two bald eagles were spotted in the trees on shore.

The trip was great. The naturalist on board was very informative. Although some of the activities were specifically geared towards children (like dropping crab traps overboard) I, too, found them interesting.

Shortly outside the harbor I yelled "Thar she blows. Five o'clock". I had spotted our first whale. We were in a relatively shallow area that the naturalist told us was a good feeding bed. Whether we saw the same whale many times or several different whales I have no idea. I just know we were in the area a bit over an hour and had plenty of sightings.

On the way back to the pier, the boat stopped to retrieve the crab traps. We were successful again, catching dungeness and red crabs. The naturalist showed all of us how to properly hold a crab (by its hind legs) and we all got a chance to try out our new knowledge.

The trip was excellent and I would highly recommend it, particularly for families with children.

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