Monday, December 10, 2007

Adelaide, Australia

We have arrived at Adelaide via cruise ship. Adelaide is a very tourist friendly city, with easy public transportation. In the port terminal are a group of volunteers to greet the passengers and to give directions, brochures, and maps. The train station, to city center, is right outside the port area. We exit the terminal, cross a parking lot and board the train, riding into Adelaide on a rush hour train filled with school children and business people, who were wondering, by the looks on their faces, why their train was so crowded today.

Our train ticket also buys us transportation on all the buses in Adelaide. Upon exiting the train station, we stroll down Rundel Mall, a pedestrian mall filled with lots of shops. We visit the South Australian Museum and are very disappointed. Looking for displays of aboriginal art and information on their culture, there isn’t too much of either. We did learn about their life in the bush and, since it is a very difficult existence, perhaps there is no time for anything else.

At the Tandanya Aboriginal Art Institute there is a noon digeridoo performance which was very enjoyable. We learned how the digeridoos are made (look for a termite mound and, therefore, hollow tree branches nearby) and how to create different sounds.

Time for lunch and time to head to the Central Market. Central markets are great places for browsing. And for sampling. We buy sandwiches and join a local gentleman at his table, where we learn more about Adelaide and things Australian. Adelaide is a beautiful city, easy to get around and very friendly. I wish we had more time there.

Adelaide links:
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Tandanya Aboriginal Art Institute - as of Dec 10th, website under development

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Syn said...

I'd love to visit Australia one day! What great trips you take. Can you adopt me? lol.